The video of a Golden Retriever proudly watching over her 3-week-old puppies is simply the best

Mom looks incredibly happy!

It’s hard to get cuter than a basket of puppies. From their little paws to their little moans, there’s so much to absorb before they grow up. Luckily for Malibu, the mom of a litter with @soul_desire_goldens, her pups’ journeys are documented in a series of adorable TikTok videos.

In their latest viral clip, Malibu watches in awe as her puppies pile into a cute wicker basket. If you ask us, this would make the perfect shot!

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OH MY GOD! These little angels don’t even look real! It’s hard to believe they already put so much cuteness into such small bodies. No wonder their video went viral!

Just as @stephcraig noted, Malibu is a “beautiful and proud mom!!” She practically smiles as she points to her babies. To be fair, though, it’s nearly impossible not to smile around puppies, especially when they’re as adorable as these Golden Retrievers!

“My puppy was so small the first time I met him ❤️,” @ele_c29 shared. “Now he’s a beautiful (and crazy) teenager 🥰😂.” LOL! That seems about right, although it’s also a great reminder to enjoy every moment you have with your pup. They grow so fast!

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