This Golden Retriever dog sticks its tongue out at humans when relaxed. Watch cute video | Tendency

When happy, dogs show telltale signs ranging from relaxed ears and eyes to wagging tails and gooey kisses. Just like this Golden Retriever dog that sticks its tongue out at humans whenever it feels relaxed. The video is adorably cute and sure to boost your serotonin levels.

The cute clip was posted on Instagram by a page dedicated to two Golden Retrievers siblings. The page is called XENA & FINN and posts daily dog ​​content. “CEO of frozentongue,” reads the caption accompanying the video. The video, a montage of various clips, opens with a text insert that reads, “Her name is Xena, also tongue stuck out.” It then progresses to show Xena, a Golden Retriever dog, sticking her tongue out on humans’ hands when relaxed.

Watch the lovely video below:

The video was shared four days ago. It has since amassed over 1.1 lakh views and over 13,100 likes. The video sharing also prompted many people to post comments.

“I love it,” wrote a doggo page on Instagram dedicated to a Golden Retriever named Sterling Newton. Another dedicated to a Golden Retriever Lady joked, “She’s part frog I think.” “It brings great comfort to be glued to what we love!!” read a comment from an Insta page dedicated to Odin Falkor, a Golden Retriever dog.

“Omg this is the cutest thing ever and birthmark on tongue,” one person posted. “The best of stuck mlems,” another Instagram user shared. “Hhahahah like my dog,” expressed a third. “Beyond adorable,” a fourth person commented.

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