‘Unfairly Executed’ Solar Power Programs Found: The DONG-A ILBO

It was found that about 260 billion won of electric power industry funds (power funds) invested by the Moon Jae-in administration for solar power programs were wrongfully executed. Cases of inflating construction costs by issuing fake tax bills or building fake grow facilities to take out loans have come to light.

The Government Policy Coordination Office’s anti-corruption promotion team said on Tuesday that a joint inspection of power fund programs from September last year to August this year uncovered 2,267 cases of illegality. and injustice. This results from a sample survey of just 12 of 226 local governments nationwide. The illegal cases discovered this time accounted for 261.6 billion won (12.5%) of the 2.1 trillion won under inspection. Electric funds are created by deducting 3.7% from the monthly electricity bill.

In particular, 17.3% (1,129 cases, 184.7 billion won) of the 6,509 support programs for new and renewable energy such as solar power were randomly supported. Cases of canceling the issuance of invoices after receiving a loan with an inflated tax invoice or entering into a contract with an unregistered company have been discovered. A fake mushroom cultivation facility or an insect breeding facility was built to get a loan because a cultivation facility was needed to install solar panels on the farmland.

“I think many cases of poor and illegal execution have been uncovered because the renewable energy policy has been pushed to the limit without much time to prepare program plans,” said Bahng Moon-gyu, head of the Bureau. coordination of government policies. The government plans to investigate the cases that have come to light and expand the investigation nationwide.

Hye-Ryung Choi [email protected]