Video of a Golden Retriever enjoying the view from his new home in Colorado is precious

She loves to sit on this balcony.

It’s the little moments with your pet that really make you appreciate them. Waking up in the morning and taking them for a walk, watching a movie together on the couch, or if you’re like a Golden owner on TikTok – seeing your dog really admire the sunrise. This is exactly what happened in a recent video on their @goldencannoli page. Seeing the dog enjoying the view totally got us in our feelings.

The moving video shows Cannoli in Boulder, Colorado just as the sun was rising. “When you leave the Midwest and your dog starts each morning enjoying his new sights in Colorado,” the video’s text overlay reads. She seems so at peace as she admires the sunrise. But with this breathtaking view, who could blame him?

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“Mountain girly,” reads the caption of the video.

So many people were moved by the sweet footage that it has been viewed over 1.6 million times. “As dog parents, we work hard to give our pooches the best life and enjoy precious moments like these,” @yessillly wrote. “I love it. She’s like. ‘I like it here’,” @bwchew joked. “And then you’re perfectly happy too because of the life you’re able to give your pup,” @johnnybravo_basset commented. “Awwww how cute! It’s fresh mountain air. My pooch loves the smells and fresh mountain air,” @cooperdoodledog shared.

Elsewhere on his page, a second video of Cannoli outdoors is having people cracking up. “When mom says you need to come in because you’re gonna die of heat stroke but need that golden glow,” her owner joked in the caption.

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You could definitely say she loves being outdoors!