Viral Video of a Golden Retriever Getting the Zoomies While Hiking, It’s Too Good to Miss

She is definitely in her element!

We’ve all been there, you’re hanging out with your dog minding your own business when BOOM – they get a zoom case. It might be bad news if your pup is running all over your furniture, but one man on TikTok really got lucky with the unusual place his Golden Retriever likes to let loose. Looked!

Chris and Nala (@adventuringwithnala) spend a lot of time outdoors together. But the dog’s father couldn’t help but notice that his pup still had the zooms in one particular spot.

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“Okay, so this section on the track, Nala still gets the zooms, so let’s see what happens,” he said in the video. “I’ll keep the camera rolling to see what she does,” he added. And yes – Nala definitely brought out all that energy.

People in the comments section were impressed with how knowledgeable Chris seemed to be about his pooch. “I don’t know which is better your laugh or the zooms,” @hwillis33 wrote. “Hands down the happiest dog in the world. You’re a great dog dad. Love your videos,” @hairberg praised. “Your videos are slowly restoring my faith in humanity, so pure,” added @katelijnb. “Omgggg I love you both so much!! Chris, you inspire me to get out and enjoy nature! You both are an inspiration! Thank you!” @maddsdewitt chimed in.

Isn’t that the truth! We all need to go outside with our pets more often.

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