Watch ‘oldest’ Golden Retriever fall in love with puppy in sweet clip

The blossoming relationship between a senior golden retriever called Cali and a new puppy Tommy has delighted TikTok users in a video that has been viewed over 825,000 times.

In the footage, posted by Boston-based Christina, Cali can be seen walking away as the pup tries to snuggle up to her. The text says “Already on it”, but then changes to “realizing she has a playmate”, as the dogs run around the garden.

Stock image of two golden retrievers relaxing at home on a rug. Getting a puppy for your senior dog can give him new life.

There are many examples on the internet of older dogs enjoying a younger companion. However, there are factors to consider when introducing a puppy into the mix.

Dr. Jerry Klein, chief veterinarian for the American Kennel Club (AKC), suggests on his website: “As with introducing children and dogs, your senior dog’s temperament should be considered when introducing dogs. evaluation of the puppy that will make a good addition to your home.”

Klein says older dogs can be creatures of habit and enjoy a routine and consistency that can be disrupted by a new arrival, and “any disruption could cause anxiety or possibly lead to jealousy or resentment.” urge”. His advice includes:

  • Focus your attention on your older dog before greeting your younger dog
  • Feed Your Senior Dog First
  • Put the leash on your older dog first

The AKC also recommends considering keeping your pup in a crate when you’re not around to make sure he doesn’t do any harm, as well as to make sure he doesn’t disturb your senior dog. It can also be a good way for the older pet to get used to the smell and presence of the new pup.

“Make sure your senior dog is separated from the new puppy and vice versa,” reports the AKC. “Constant contact can lead to conflict, and one way to avoid this is to give each dog time to relax. Both dogs need individual time and attention for themselves, away from each other. the other.”

The video shows Cali and Tommy napping together, then covered in mud, as the text explains that the older dog “even teaches him how to get into trouble.”

At one point in the clip, the text says “he never leaves her after surgery” and then “I guess he can stay”. The caption reads, “highly recommend having your dog, a dog.”

One TikToker commented: “My senior boy lost his sister – he was so sad – the vet recommended a friend. They are INSEPARABLE.”

User lc2257 wrote: “It made me scream that my 16 year old dog had to be put to rest a few weeks ago. My 3 year old golden doodle hasn’t been the same.”

“I love how they learned to love each other. People might learn a thing or two from watching this video,” commented TikTok user Mavericktopdog.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster for comment.

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