Watch this sweet Labrador Retriever pup find the best spot to beat the heat

dog lying in the fridge

Courtesy of cocothesingletonlab / TikTok

This adorable chocolate Labrador has found the perfect little spot to cool off.

Meet Cocoa: a TikTok star who has reinvented the role of a refrigerator! In the video posted on August 2, Cocoa sees a cool place and simply walks there.

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Nothing unusual, except that the place she found is inside their family fridge. With the refrigerator door open for an extended period of time, the clever dog crawls into the back of the refrigerator where a pull-out drawer used to be and settles in for a freezing, fluffy nap.

You can hear him say in the video, “Oh what, come in this time?” followed by laughter and a “It’s new!”

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When Cocoa learns she can’t stay in there, she blinks those adorable puppy eyes and then ignores mom. We can’t blame you, Cocoa! You have found a great place!

Posted on Cocoa’s account, chocolatethesingletonlab, the delicious video has already garnered over 200,000 views and hundreds of comments. And there’s more: The account is full of hilarious videos of Cocoa and her lookalike dog mom, Shelby.

It also shows that the refrigerator was not a one-time thing. A follow-up video shows Cocoa’s famous fridge habit at nap time clearly getting worse (or better?). Come on mom, open the door to the “cold place!”

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OK, so maybe not the best place for a dog. But Cocoa has her reasons: Without a lot of sweat glands, dogs overheat faster than humans, so Cocoa’s desire to climb into the fridge isn’t all that weird for a fur baby. Obviously, for us humans, having our pets in our fridge isn’t cool or safe, so here are some other ways to keep your pup from overheating.

And thank you, Cocoa, for making our day even cuter!